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RBI announces birthday gift - people will be given priority access to ATMs on their birthdays

23, Dec 2016 By RT

Mumbai: RBI has announced today that people will be given priority access to ATMs and will be given 100 Rs notes on their birthdays. This is a special birthday gift from RBI for those waiting in queues outside ATMs.

Happy Birthday- RBI

“This is RBI’s birthday gift to the citizens of India. It is our way of bringing smiles to millions of Indians. Just show the proof for date of birth and the receipt from the bakery on the birthday cake order and the ATM guard will let you through. Would be better if you could share a piece of cake with the guard and the other people in the line! Know what I mean?”, the official explained the process, how it works.

“The list of valid documents for the date of birth is slightly different from your regular pan card etc., We need a certificate from the nurse or the doctor who delivered the baby, that is you. The last 3 birthday cake receipts from the bakery, attested by 3 different guests at the party. One of them has to be present at all 3 parties. Immediate relatives’ attestation is not acceptable”, he further added on the rules.

“If you carry a membership card from any political party, then you are exempted from the regulations. You just have to tell the guard that it is your birthday and the guard will give you a piece of cake!”, the RBI man concluded to Faking News.

Our reporter, whose birthday falls on  December, understood the meaning of catch-22 as he didn’t have money to buy a birthday cake, to get more money from an ATM.