RCB will win IPL before Ram Janambhoomi dispute gets resolved in Indian Courts: Experts

08, Mar 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: The never ending Ram Janambhoomi dispute case has suffered a new delay with Supreme Court passing the buck to a mediation panel. With the result of any such mediation panel already known, the case is expected to return to Supreme Court in a few months’ time to continue its journey.


Now noted experts of nothing, who have been observing this case, have said that RCB will be winning the IPL before this case reaches its conclusion.

Royal Challengers Bangalore, a team cursed by SBI employees, always comes close to winning the IPL without actually doing it. Experts say they can never actually win the thing till Mallya doesn’t repay his loans and lifts the curse. However, even these experts agree that Mallya is more likely to pay his loans than Supreme Court announcing any verdict in Ayodhya case.

Speaking to Faking News, one such expert said, ”We have observed the pace at which Supreme Court is progressing on this case, we have analysed the chances of RCB winning the IPL, then we ran some statistical models and finally came to the conclusion that the probability of RCB winning the league before any verdict on this case is 1. So Bengaluru residents can celebrate, they are destined to winning the league some day.”

When asked if Delhi will win IPL before Ram Janambhoomi case ends, the noted expert said, ”Haha good joke. However, they will manage to finish 6th in the table before the final verdict comes in this case.”