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Reacting to games being washed out, UNESCO declares England unfit for hosting Cricket World Cup

12, Jun 2019 By @jurnoleast

Not just teams and fans, UNESCO too seems to be upset over games being washed out in the ongoing Cricket World Cup. The organization released a press statement which declared England unfit for hosting the sporting event due to constant threat of rainfall.

“Two games have been washed out till now and few more are likely to see neither of the teams on the pitch thanks to the unpredictable weather. So for the benefit of cricket lovers were are issuing a certificate to make it official that cricket and English weather don’t go together,” said a senior UNESCO official.

The certificate has been dispatched to the England and Wales Cricket Board and was also shared on UNESCO’s social media handle.

England being the place where cricket originated, many thought that the certification was was an overreaction. Allaying concerns that the certificate could mean that England could lose out on revenue through hosting cricket, UNESCO said that it would shortly give away another certificate saying that the ‘wet British weather’ was perfect for shooting romantic bollywood songs or better still for water sports.

Insiders say that ICC is taking the certificate seriously and is there is a possibility that remaining matches could be declared rain-affected with teams sharing the points. The option of an alternate venue was ruled out citing logistical issues.

The certificate brought to fore the debate of T20 vs One Dayers. Many players blamed the 50 over format instead of the weather, some even calling it a drag.

Team India coach Ravi Shastri however chose to look at the positive side of things and said that the gloomy weather was perfect for scotch with a generous helping of chakhna.