Monday, 6th April, 2020


After reading all Whastapp forwards on coronavirus, man confident that he can come up with a vaccine to fight the disease 

19, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

Inundated with messages on coronavirus, a city based  man today claimed that he had enough knowledge to fight the disease. As the pandemic continues its spread across the world, medical community has been overwhelmed and stretched beyond limit.

But with Whatsapp message at this disposal, the aforementioned man is now ready to cure every suspected case there is in the city. Speaking to Faking News, the man under condition of anonymity said, “I have received around 5000 messages on coronavirus in the last few weeks. If the virus had reading ability, it would have died a natural death just by reading all these messages. From eating more oranges, to drinking green tea, and not to mention covering the body in cow dung, I have read every possible cure.”

“I will be opening my own quarantine center in a few days. With the Whatsapp knowledge I am armed with, I will only take me a few days to cure all the patients,” he added.

Apparently, the man has come up with a concoction which he claims can stop the virus in its path.

When questioned if he’d be charging for his services, the man replied in negative. “I am doing this for social service and not to earn any money,” he remarked.

The man is also planning to approach the WHO so that more people have access to his novel cure.

He has even asked his friends and family to address him as Doctor. “After all the knowledge I have, I feel like I have almost got a PhD in Coronavirus. So it makes sense that they call me a Doctor,” he pointed out.