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Ready to give Shiv Sena a Rangoli stamp, but they have to give up demand for CM post: Fadnavis 

31, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

In a last ditch attempt to patch things up with alliance partner, Devendra Fadnavis has today said that he is ready to give the Sena few Rangoli stamps. That offer however does come with a condition.

gpay stamp

“They will ahve to forget about the CM’s post. I find the 50:50 idea ridiculous. I Devendra Fadnavis, is the right choice for the chair of the Chief Minister. Anyone who says otherwise is invoke the wrath of me and my party,” said Fadnavis while speaking to our reporter.

Rangoli stamps are part of Google’s Diwali offer where GPay users have to collect 5 stamps for a chance to win prizes. Since the offer ends today, there were speculations that the alliance partner could give this a serious thought.

Fadnavis’ latest offer has divided the Sena camp, which till now was displaying a united front. Sources reveal that Aditya was keen on having Rangoli stamps while dad Uddhav thought that BJP was once again trying to shortchange the Sena.

Sanjay Raut too castigated the BJP leadership for offering rangoli stamps when they had promised. “Fadnavis is delusional and power hungry. We are ready for talks, but hogging the CM post all for himself is not how alliance politics works. And now he is offering stamps. It is like offering SRK before elections and now when the results are out they want us to settle with KRK,” he said in an emotional tone, clearly hinting that the Sena won’t relent on its demand.

Meanwhile, NCP too was ready with Flower stamps and CM’s post just in case the Shiv Sena was looking for alliance outside BJP.