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Ready to return if Indian Govt promises IPL title for RCB: Vijay Mallya

07, Aug 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

London: Facing charges of money laundering, Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya has said earlier today that he is willing to return to India to face all the charges if Indian government agrees to his one condition. Mr. Mallya has said that if government is ready to promise that Royal Challengers Bangalore will win the IPL next season, he will return to India immediately.

Vijay Mallya

Mr. Mallya bought the franchise when the T20 league started in 2008 and though he doesn’t remain officially in charge of the franchise, it is obvious that he still retains a strong connect with the team. Despite boasting some of the biggest names in World Cricket, RCB has always somehow managed to avoid winning the league and Mr. Mallya doesn’t want to wait any more for the team’s success.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Mallya said, “RCB is like my child and I want to see them succeed. Now I don’t have the patience of Sonia Gandhi to wait forever for the success of my child so I am taking this desperate step. Anyway we will be able to drag the court case in India for the rest of my life so I am not too worried about serving much jail time.”

Earlier Mr. Mallya and his lawyers had raised concern over the poor conditions of Indian jails to resist extradition to India but now sources say that he is ready to stay even in the worst Indian prison if government is willing to give him this promise.

Vijay Mallya is already in touch with Sanjay Dutt as well to try and understand the entire process of getting parole so that he can serve any jail time staying at his house.

When contacted, an Indian Government official said,” It will be easier to waive off all his loans than to make RCB IPL Winners.”