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Reasons why Congress would be happy with even getting less seats to contest in Bihar

18, Sep 2015 By indianpsycho

There has been lot of noise about alleged seat sharing trouble in RJD-JDU-Congress alliance ahead of their declaration on 19th September, with both RJD-JDU flexing muscles to give less seats to Congress. But we, the Political experts at Faking News feel Congress has many reasons to be happy even if they end up getting less seats to contest in Bihar elections.

1. Lower the seats lower the losses: Congress would be take it as a blessing in disguise if the seat arrangement leaves them will less seats. It would mean Congress would be able to limit their losses and wouldn’t have to explain defeat on so many seats. What’s more, they could further hail Rahul Gandhi’s genius behind this idea. In hindsight, they couldn’t have asked for anything less from JDU and RJD.

Lalu showing the number or seats Congress would definitely get.
Nitish showing the number or seats Congress would definitely get.

2. Regional party empowerment: Congress could claim that getting less seats was their won decision and a part of Rahul Gandhi’s next empowerment agenda, ie: Regional parties empowerment. Just like you need to go and eat at dalit’s house to understand their problems, a national party needs to feel and be treated and sidelined like regional parties are during national elections, to understand and empower one for true democracy.

3. Maintaining losing streak: After all a party needs just one seat to continue their losing streak, so as long as JDU-RJD gives Congress that one seat, we don’t think Congress would have anything to complain about. A token participation by a party in an election is enough to maintain consistency in losing.

4. Numbers are state of mind: Less number of seats would give Rahul Gandhi a chance to revive his business of churning out those ‘Philosophically deep state of mind thoughts’, which we haven’t heard of for a while. We could expect him to come out and say ‘Seat numbers are just state of mind’.

5. Rahul Gandhi’s image makeover: Less seats means less campaigning by Rahul Gandhi which means less goof-ups by him, which means less hilarious clippings of him on YouTube and social media, which means more ‘Rahul has come of age’ articles by so called neutral journalists.