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Rebel MLAs found writing restaurant reviews for TripAdvisor while staying at resort, say 'good way to kill time and make money'

17, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

The Karnataka crisis has entered its second week and there seems to be no end to it soon.


For the past two weeks, these MLAs have been staying at the best resorts and having food at the finest of restaurants. Insiders say that Trivago guy was also travelling with the group to help them with the stay and food choices.

Rebel MLAs who are currently at a resort in Bengaluru were seen taking part in outdoor activities to kill time. Some took the opportunity to make money by writing reviews for online travel sites.

One MLA who requested anonymity revealed how he made a cool 50k by writing reviews for restaurant finding apps. “We have been put up at the finest of the resort both in Mumbai and in Bengaluru. And not to mention the food we had during our stay. I thought it would be a good idea to write reviews for TripaAdvisor. The best part is many people have actually liked my reviews,” he revealed.

Another MLA, who made a video walk-through of Renaissance hotel in Mumbai, got a million likes on his video after he uploaded it on Youtube. “My subscriber base on Youtube has skyrocketed. If travel to few more resorts, that number will surely increase,” he said.

Many are now looking at writing and video production as an alternate career. “After I am done with politics, I might actually take up writing,” said another.

The news of rebel MLAs making videos of their stay has incensed HD Kumaraswamy. “These MLAs are enjoying while the state is in a crisis. Why don’t they come here and make a video review of the assembly and canteen food,” he screamed angrily while speaking to our reporter.