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Record number of women visible in Haryana due to Raksha Bandhan

10, Aug 2014 By Manish Aneja

Jind/Badaun. Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh are not best known for a healthy sex-ratio, with men of all hues visible everywhere. However, this weekend has seen a huge upsurge of female sightings in the region.

Experts credit this phenomenon to Raksha Bandhan, especially presence of fancy Rakhis on road side counters.

Rakhi shop
An uncommon sight in some places

According to reports, girls are coming out of their homes, moving happily and freely against the will of local panchayats, enjoying buying Rakhis and Dhaage.

But the local government and Khaps have finally taken a note of the development.

Women and Child development ministries of both the state governments have sought reports from local administration. Sources say that these numbers could be used to show human development.

“They are taking interest for the first time,” a local shopkeeper confirmed that government representatives asked him about how many women visited his shop in the last few days, “But we are worried that they might be interested in knowing sales figure and introducing some Rakhi tax.”

Apart from shopkeepers, many girls and women too are not too comfortable with this sudden interest shown in improved sex-ratio in the region during Rakhi.

Although Khaps have not yet banned movement of girls during Rakhi, they did pass an order to girls to tie Rakhis on every boy who belongs to the same gotra.

“Khaps will never ban Rakhi. After all this festival celebrates patriarchy!” quipped an activist out of nowhere. Faking News too decided to ignore the activist.

Historians say that August month usually sees unusual sex-ratio in the streets thanks to Rakshabandhan and Independence Day. But government is not able to use it to any benefit as they are busy with Independence Day celebrations.

“Oh right! This happens every year, but somehow we never thought about it,” a top bureaucrat in Uttar Pradesh said, “We could have introduced Rakhis with Akhilesh Yadav’s picture on them!”