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Relatives ask first female fighter pilots in Indian Air Force - "Ye to theek hai, shaadi kab karoge?"

20, Jun 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

New Delhi: As the nation celebrated the induction of India’s first female fighter pilots in the Indian Air Force, reports are coming in that the relatives of these girls are not too impressed by it all. They have already started asking when will they get married and settle down.

IAF fighter pilots
Ye sab to theek hai lekin shaadi kab karoge?

India’s first women fighter pilots – Bhawana Kanth, Avani Chaturvedi and Mohana Singh – were commissioned in the Indian Air Force last week breaking historical ground.

Even before congratulating her on the achievement, Avani’s door ki Mausi asked her, “This is all fine but Shaadi kab karoge, beta?” When we asked her the need for her to get married so soon, Mausi Ji said,”Beta, Plane-vlane is good as a hobby but real fight happens in marriage only. If she wants to be a fighter, she should get married. Anyway, one can’t spend their entire life on board a plane, settle to hona hi padega na.

Bhawana’s cousin chacha also echoed mausi Ji’s sentiments and said, “She wanted to study, her parents let her study, she wanted to join Air Force, her parents let her join Air Force, she wanted to become a Fighter pilot, her parents let her become fighter pilot. Now since her parents aren’t stopping her at all, it is the duty of us relatives to step in and de-plane their dreams and force them to settle down. Can’t keep flying all their lives na?”

Mohana’s foofa has already finalized a nice stable groom who is a clerk in a local government office. “She won’t have to work at all, no need for her to earn a single paisa. Boy is in a stable government job and has a government allotted quarter as well. Bitiya rani can happily stay home and look after husband and kids. He will do all the earning”, Foofa Ji said.

When faking News spoke to the girls for their reaction to the wedding pressure, they said,” Good thing we won’t see any relative while we are up in the air. Flying MIGs is less scary than facing those damned door ke rishtedaars who always come with a bunch of photographs for rishtaa.”