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Rentaboyfriend app launched to help single women who want to enter Gurugram nightclubs

17, Jul 2018 By dasu

Gurugram: ‘Single’ ladies of Gurugram who are not granted permission to enter pubs and nightclubs, need not worry any more. They can hire a temporary boyfriend or husband exclusively for this purpose through the newly launched app ‘rentaboyfriend’.


“Police raid the pubs and nightclubs frequently to check on allegedly solicitation and immoral trafficking, so what options we had”, asked one of the nightclub owner

He shared one bad experience on single girl. “One of my close friend has a room on roof top which he gives on rent. He was hesitant to give it to single girls as it was a ‘pure’ residential locality. After he did not find any suitable boy for rent and he needed rent money for his survival, he gave the room on rent to a single girl”.

He added, “Sir, the girl used to come late from office. Will play music late evening, watch TV, sometimes will call boys to her room. Pata nahin kaissi ladki thi. Kitna Badnaami hua mera dost ka. After that he told, Bhookha mar jaoonga, lekin single girls ko rent pe nahin doonga”.

“That’s why I stopped allowing single girls to my nightclub. See the result, there is no trace of immoral activities in my club for last three days”, said the nightclub owner.

There are certain nightclubs run by relatives of Alok Nath who have taken it a step further, they allow only husband and wife with mangalsutra. Rentaboyfriend App gives the the facility to upgrade the boyfriend to ‘husband’ status and arrange necessary proof needed.

“We are a one stop solution, need a boyfriend, husband, we will provide as per your need. It is like OLA & UBER having different options”, said Sambit Rath, found and CEO of the app. He added, “The app gives discount on bulk bookings. ‘surge pricing’ applicable if you want to book someone like ‘Ajinkya Rahane’ type who does not ask for a free drink also, saves you money.

Within minutes of its launch, app crashed as it could not handle so many boys uploading their profiles to become temporary boyfriend or husband.