Repeatedly asking your wife to make pakoras with excuse of 'awesome monsoon weather' amounts to harassment: Supreme Court warns husbands

28, Jun 2019 By @jurnoleast

The monsoon season has arrived and so have the requests by husbands asking their better half to make pakoras. But the apex court has now come down heavily on those husbands who repeatedly pester their spouse to fry pakoras and stated that this could amount to harassment.

The court observed that many women have been complaining lately that these ‘pakora’ demands start the moment the first rains start to pour. The Supreme Court judgement was made over a case pertaining to domestic harassment where the wife was asked by the husband to fry pakora daily which she said was agonizing.

“While he sat on the couch watching World Cup matches, I was toiling in the kitchen in the heat and making crunchy fries for him to eat. And to top it, there was no appreciation for my effort. Instead he says ‘isme namak thoda kam hai’. I don’t want to spend my life with someone who treats me like this,” said the woman who filed the case.

Sources say that the detailed judgement also limits the number of times such demands can be made. “Husbands cannot make more than two demands in a week. Else it could amount to harassment,” the judge pointed out.

NCW has welcomed the decision and said the law has finally woken up ease the misery of many housewives in the country. “Why don’t you cook them yourself for a change if you want to eat it so badly,” commented the NCW Chief.

There were some who thought that the judgement was not well thought through and does come with it’s own set of problems. “The pakoras are not just consumed by the husband. It is for the entire family. So why penalize just one person. Also what if the husband exhausts his quota of pakoras during the week and then guests arrive on weekend,” questioned a senior lawyer.