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After repeatedly being ignored by PM, man tweets to Sushma Swaraj to rescue him from GST compliance

16, Sep 2017 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. Unable to handle large compliance requests from his beleaguered clients comprising of corporates, industrialists and small and micro enterprises, a tax practitioner has tweeted to the Sankat-mochan of common man, Sushma Swaraj to lessen the burden on members of his community of the GST compliance.

Lots of the tax experts are facing trouble to cop-up with the unnecessary compliances under the new indirect tax regime.

Raajesh Mishra, the man who welcomed the GST with big heart has now changed his stance and is not anymore able to bear its burden. He had tweeted multiple times to the PMO office for queries regarding the compliance and had failed to generate any reply from the Honourable Pradhan Sewak.

Giving Faking News his two minutes of the time out of his hectic schedule, Raajesh said, “I used to walk and talk GST a few weeks ago. But now the atmosphere has become so condensed with it that it’s unable to breathe without inhaling GST present in the atoms. We are facing multiple client requests with the troubles they are facing. They are under the fear of compliance provisions. I have tweeted multiple times to our PM to lessen the burden on common man but I think his phone remains mostly on flight mode, hence is unable to revert us.”

“I have tweeted my concern to the second-woman-in-command now regarding the concern and hope to get a positive response from her side soon. She has rescued thousands of Indians from the troubles outside the country and I have full faith that she won’t say no to the people in India. Afterall, Charity begins at home,” added Raajesh and went to file GST return of one of his client that was stuck since midnight.