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Repeatedly Saying 'Bahut Garmi Hai' Has No Impact On The Temperature: Research

10, Apr 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: With the mercury reaching new heights with each passing day, the phrase ‘bahut garmi hai‘ is being repeated all over the country with great frequency. However, a research has now shown that repeating this phrase every 2 minutes has no impact whatsoever on the temperature.

This is how May will be, even if you keep saying ‘Garmi bahut Hai’

Whether it is casual conversation over family dinners or chit-chat during office breaks, ‘bahut garmi hai’ has taken over all conversations. As per experts, it will be used even more and more as we go from April to May. However, research has shown that even if we repeat it every second, the temperatures aren’t going to drop and we are resigned to living inside a furnace for the next few weeks. The study, conducted by PhD students at a government funded university, came up with this report after a 10 yrs long study.

Leading researcher of the team, Mr. Mahesh said ,”Look, we aren’t saying that this phrase is totally useless. You can still use it as a conversation filler during an awkward silence, or as the entire conversation when you are speaking to your boss, but thats about it. It is not useful at all in bringing down the temperatures.”

“You may think that it will help you prepare mentally for the heat outside if you keep reminding yourself that it is very hot but you are wrong. It is raining hellfire outside and you are going to get roasted once you step out. So what we are saying is, don’t abandon the phrase but don’t expect it to do anything for you”, Mahesh added.

When we asked for one last parting comment from Mahesh, he said ,”Garmi bahut hai yaar.”