Reports of PM asking wives to give husbands a haircut on Sunday at 5pm as part of weekly task are false: Govt sources

17, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

Govt today issued a notice refuting reports about PM asking wives to give their husbands a hair cut on Sunday at 5pm.

man haircut

The clarification was put out after news started doing the rounds that PM Modi had asked women to take lead in ensuring that grooming of their better halves does not suffer amidst lockdown.

This led to many speculating that the next Sunday task could probably see women coming to their balconies and giving their husbands a haircut.

Though there was no official announcement from either the PM or any govt official, the news spread like wild fire on social media.

Wives were seen sharing pics of scissors and trimmer on social media. Sources say that many women were actually looking forward to the task.

One such woman who spoke to our reporter on condition of anonymity said, “He has turned into a bear in the last one month. Bhalu ban gaye hai woh ..bhalu. Even if this is not a task called by the PM, I will go ahead with it and give him a decent trim. For my own good.”

There were others who were totally averse to the idea given the amount of extra work they’d have to put in, that too on a Sunday. “I think my husband is somehow related to Anil Kapoor solely on the amount of body hair he has. It will take an entire day just trimming all that jungle

While investigative agencies are trying to found out the source of this rumor, sources reveal that this task could be the handiwork of bookies who have now started placing bets on PMs Sunday task since IPL is cancelled.

A few punters were even rounded up in a late night swoop at several locations.