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Republic reporter attempts to sneak into Lalu's home as cow, gets nearly slaughtered on way

14, May 2017 By manithan

Patna: A reporter working for the newly started news channel of Arnab Goswami has landed himself in hospital on the second day since the channel’s inception.


We found Anil Gupta, working for the newly started Republic, in the second floor of the Apollo Hospital in Patna. He was severely bruised on head, arms and legs, with his right leg and left arm fractured. A conscious Anil started reminiscing the trauma events that unfurled on the first half of today.

“Our channel was determined to send shock waves across the country on the very first day of its relay. We unearthed the Lalu files in which the ruling ex-CM was having a conversation with noted Don Shahabuddin,” he said.

“When we broke the news, our news channel was the news for the days for other news channels. Arnab boss broke TRPs of all other channels. But we wanted to hear more from the mouth of Lalu,”  Anil added.

Anil had been camping outside Lalu’s residence since Saturday. Unable to get his interview or even notice him, he had plotted a way to enter into the ex-fodder scam specialist.

“Lalu might not feed fodder for the news channels, but he will surely feed fodder for his cows. So, I visited nearby clothing shop and painted a huge cloth with brown patches. I then painted eyes, ears and made grey horns using papers. I slid myself into cow’s skin and slowly entered Lalu’s cowshed, which was not guarded,” said the reporter.

“If only I had stayed when Lalu came for a visit, I would have milked the sensational story of this century. But all my dreams were crashed, when four men came in from back and lifted me. They threw me in a crowded goods carrier. Within few minutes, I knew that I’m being taken to a slaughterhouse. I somehow called my news channel and they came to fight with the gang and rescue me before I would have been crushed in a rotating grinder,” Anil revealed with a grimace, while revealing the trashing he received.

Meanwhile, reports were coming in from Patna that a gau rakshak dal gang had intercepted a van carrying cows and had attacked few Muslims to rescue a particular cow. Channels other than Republic had already planned to run this news for the