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Research proves that women tend to feel safer among aliens

29, Dec 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Chandigarh. A team of physical, chemical, biological, mathematical and social scientists have concluded that women tend to feel safer among aliens. It was also discovered that this feeling of safety among women was directly proportional to the degree of “foreignness” of creatures around them e.g. a woman from Earth felt safer in the company of aliens (from the outer world) as compared to being with men, and an Indian woman felt safer in the company of European men as compared to being with Indian men.

The man in this picture caused more insecurity to women than the alien

The research argues that the above phenomenon is a result of the atomic structure of the amino acids found in the red blood cells of women. Scientists performed a nonlinear multivariate regression analysis on the above factors to come up with the relationship between feeling of safety and foreignness.

The observed trend, where a man, belonging to the same ethnic class as the woman, was likely to go scot free after committing a crime against the woman, was also picked up for mention by the scientists, and the researchers felt that this trend could also be the reason behind a woman feeling safer in the company of aliens rather than her own men.

“If a Muslim man, or for that matter a Hindu, a Dalit, a Tamil, etc. man, was to rape a woman of his own community, perhaps not even an FIR would be registered. But if he raped a woman from another community, news headlines would be made and he could be arrested, in fact even a riot could take place to avenge the honor of the woman community. The assured guarantee of lesser punishment causes men to commit crimes against women of their own communities, and this causes women to feel insecure among their own men.” one of the researchers explained.

The research and its conclusions are causing a lot of debate in various quarters. Representatives of religious and caste based groups have denounced the findings, and have trashed the research as ‘a conspiracy by other communities to run away with their women’. These groups have expressed confidence that their women won’t be able to run free.