Research scholar suffers heart attack during an interview as the panel starts asking relevant questions

17, Jan 2016 By Confused Chemist

New Delhi. In an incident that is sure to raise eyebrows, a candidate appearing for an interview for the post of Assistant Professor at the prestigious ‘Indian Institute of Science, Technology, Engineering, Management and Arts (IISTEMA), New Delhi suffered a heart attack during the interview.

Dr. Amit Kumar (name changed on request) who has a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from a premier institute in India and four years of post-doctoral experience in US, had appeared for the said interview, but ten minutes into the interview he had to be rushed to AIIMS, where he is now recovering and is reported to be stable.

This is supposed to represent research

He spoke exclusively to Faking News (FN) correspondent. Dr. Amit said, “I had come to the interview expecting it to be similar to my other experiences. Based on my prior experience, I had prepared for Chemistry problems of practical significance like, ‘Whose Chemistry is better; Ranveer-Deepika or Ranbir-Deepika (both on screen and off screen)’? But instead of delving into such important questions that the layman faces, they straight away took my thesis into hand and started asking questions related to it!”

“I fumbled initially as I had not at all expected it but got back on my feet and tried to answer them as well as I could. However, after some time I started sweating, felt an acute pain emanating from my left arm and then I fainted. When I opened my eyes I found myself on this bed,” Amit recalled.

The HRD ministry has taken cognizance of the incident and stepped in swiftly. The ministry announced that it has already constituted a 3 member committee headed by a retired Supreme Court judge to look into the suspicious and rare incident. The ministry wants to know if there was any vested interest involved that the institute went against the grain and held the interview in such a condemnably efficient and transparent way.

The committee will also investigate why the due recruitment process was not followed wherein, the candidate is identified first, an interview panel is constituted comprised of friends of the candidate’s Ph.D supervisor, as few as possible candidates are shortlisted, and the whole farce is executed to perfection.

The ministry in a strongly worded letter to all major institutes has conveyed that it will not tolerate any compromises with its glorious tradition of favouritism and nepotism. To send out a strong signal and as a deterrent measure the concerned panel members have been debarred from being on any other panel till the investigating committee gives them a clean chit.

The letter by the HRD ministry to these institutes (FN accessed a copy of the letter) further states that these institutes are duty-bound to maintain the age-old culture of carelessness, arrogance and indifference. To this end, some specific actions expected, vis-a-vis the recruitment-process, are as follows:

The recruitment cell must ensure that the first person to enter the office removes the receiver and keeps it aside so that the candidates who call to enquire about the status should be able to hear the soothing engaged tone. Just in case, by mistake, if the receiver is in its place, the phone rings and is picked up, saying anything else other than the standard reply, “nahi ji, usko to aur 2-4 mahine lagenge. Yeh baar baar phone mat karo” will be considered dereliction of duty and adverse remarks will be written on the CR of concerned employee.

Also, the email address created specifically for that recruitment should never be logged into once created, and all mails written to that email address should disappear into a black hole.

Eminent educationists and scientists have hailed the ministry for its swift response. They believe, with such sincere efforts on part of government, India is sure to become a science and technology superpower and these institutes will become centers of excellence the world can look up to.