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Researchers find a woman not fond of shopping

26, Jan 2013 By Ketan

Mumbai. In a rare discovery last week, a team of Psychologists from the Department of Social Sciences, Tata Research Center, Mumbai found a 30-year-old woman in Mulund, a suburb in Mumbai, who is not interested in Shopping.

According to Dr. Ramesh Deshpande, a Senior Psychologist in the department, this is the first case of his career spanning over23 years that he has come across such a ‘personality trait’ in a woman. He says, “While we were conducting research for our esteemed clients, we came across this unique case. I was shocked to see that such a woman does exist in this world.”

Shopping is often considered the fifth major season, which is experienced and witnessed in every month of the calendar.

Officials from Ripley’s Believe it or Not have already met the woman two days ago. An official, a woman herself, adds, “This is truly out of the world experience to see a fellow woman who can resist touching the shiny bag, wrapping the silky scarf, the smell of leather shoes, or wear the sparkling diamond ring!”

On being asked about it, the woman Mrs. Reena Yadav told Faking News, “I was never interested in shopping. All my shopping was done by my mother or my elder sister since my school days. In fact, I was often taunted and isolated by my friends for this habit of mine! But I never felt sad about it.”

Her husband is extremely happy with this. He says, “I knew about this habit of hers only after our marriage. I felt like I won a jackpot! All my friends and neighbors envy me for this. Most of my friends send their wives to meet my wife and to learn something from her.”

While most men were happy to know about Reena, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy-Chairman of the Planning Commission had a word of caution.

“This is an unfortunate one-off case. When economy is going through a bad shape, we expect people to behave responsibly and avoid habits that can restrict consumption and spending,” he said.

To address Ahluwalia’s concerns and their own interests, The Mumbai Shop Association has decided to start “Sale Season” every month, which will also make sure that other women don’t get infected with such habits.