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Residents set out to fill potholes in the neighborhood, find it easier to reduce level of rest of the road to the level of potholes

06, Oct 2016 By RT

Mumbai: Residents of a locality in Vashi, the worst affected area by the potholes in the area, recently decided to fix the neighborhood roads themselves instead of relying on the government. However, after carefully examining all the roads, they came to the conclusion that it will be much easier to reduce the level of the remaining road.

Potholes in roads or roads in potholes

“All the roads in our area are full of potholes thanks to this never ending rain and quality civil contractors. Therefore, a group of 10 of us decided to fix these potholes ourselves to get some sort of a smooth ride. When we set out to do this, we expected about 20-30% of the road to be full of potholes. However, after examining the roads, we found out that only about 20% of the original road still remains, and rest is just potholes”, the leader of the group told faking News.

“In fact, those remaining parts of the original roads were the ones creating most nuisance as they suddenly appear like a small hill while we are driving smoothly in a pothole. It was an easy decision to make after the survey, we just remove those small remaining parts, level the pothole, we got ourselves a smooth road back again”, he added.

“A few people initially commented that we are making a pothole and not the road. However, when they saw the final result, they really appreciated the idea. What they liked was the speed with which we could remove the left over road. We didn’t have to shove the leftovers with a shovel. We simply kicked it off with our shoes”, one of the members said explaining the work done.

A commuter using the new sample 1 km stretch said, “It is much more comfortable to ride now. This is the longest stretch of jerk-free driving I have experienced in a longtime!”

Faking News has also learnt that a few NGOs are already filing PILs to demolish the left over roads in all major cities.