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Retired Supreme Court judges to officiate as umpires for all International Cricket matches

02, Jan 2017 By @jurnoleast

Subsequent to the sacking of BCCI Chairman Anurag Thakur, Supreme Court is  also seeking to bring in transparency in the game of cricket.


The verdict today also mentioned that retired SC judges would be officiating as Umpires for all International Cricket matches that would be played in India.

The decision was aimed at tackling match-fixing which has plagued the game for long time now but little has been done to deal with the menace.

Sources say that a string of changes are in the offing and that SC could well ‘take over’ the game of cricket. “The usual cry of appeal ‘Howzzaat’ will be replaced by ‘Your Honor’ and such other legal terminology would be part of the game,” said a source close to the development.

When questioned if commentators would be replaced by a ‘judges bench, the source said that it was too early to comment.

Meanwhile, there were also rumors that ex-news anchor Arnab Goswami could be the next BCCI Chief. A spokesperson for Mr. Goswami neither confirmed nor denied the news.