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Rich Delhi boy caught red-handed by neighbour while traveling in DTC bus, falls into depression

11, Jun 2016 By psych0bar0n

Rajouri Garden, Delhi: In news coming in from Delhi’s Rajouri Garden, a rich Punjabi lad named Mayank Grover has fallen into severe depression after he was caught red-handed traveling in a crowded DTC bus, by his neighbour Chulbul Sharma.

Not meant for rich Delhi boys
Not meant for rich Delhi boys

The incident happened on Saturday evening when Sharmaji was traveling in a route 858 bus to Rajouri Garden.”My BMW ran out of fuel and I wasn’t carrying my Citibank Plainum Card, so I had no other option but to travel in that wretched bus. Suddenly I saw my friend Kirori Mal’s son, Mayank inside the bus jostling and pushing. I was shocked to see him showing a DTC monthly pass to the conductor. I called him but he refused to recognize me,” said Mr Sharma.

Mayank’s father Karori Mal Grover was in a state of anger and denial when our correspondent caught up with him. “We have lost our status and izzat in the biraadri because of this nincompoop son of ours. I go in my Audi A6  everywhere, my wife has the chauffeur drive her in our Honda City to her kitty parties. Even my servant travels in an OLA Share to get vegetables and this khote da puttar traveled in an ordinary DTC bus. How will I face that Chulbul Sharma again,” wailed Mr Grover.

Mayank’s mother Kuberi devi was equally upset. “If word spreads that my Mayank was caught traveling in a bus, no one in the community will give their daughter’s hand in marriage. Satyanash ho us DTC bus ka,” cried Kuberi Devi.

Mayank’s friends too were seen discussing the hot topic. One of his friends, Raj Malhotra expressed his displeasure. “We are all gabru Punjabi mundas of this colony. Pencho I always drive my Fortuner SUV and play Honey Singh symphonies, even if it’s only to get a packet of milk from the Mother Diary outlet 200 mtrs from my home. And now this dude has killed our swag pencho. No longer can we hold our head high and say Punjabian di shaan wakhri. We have hence decided to throw him out of our club APMC(Ameer Punjabi Munde Club).”

Mayank’s love interest Tina, who was bugging him to get married for almost a month has friendzoned him since Saturday’s incident and has even removed him from her Facebook friends list. “Yukkk..I cannot be seen with a guy who has travelled in a crowded DTC bus, that too non AC..yuckkkkk” snorted Tina before walking off with her new  beau Aman Bedi towards his Lamborghini.

Mayank has meanwhile checked in for professional counseling to help cure his depression.

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