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Rickshaw puller tries "corruption as equalizer", loses even his rickshaw

28, Jan 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Having accidentally heard some “renowned” journalists and thinkers arguing for “corruption as equalizer”, Harish Chandra, a 33-year-old cycle rickshaw puller tried to break the “glass ceiling” and gain entry into the higher socio-economic class through corruption.

However, the poor rickshaw-puller has lost even his cycle rickshaw, and now risks being pushed into the BPL (below poverty line) category.

Saale intellectual!” Harish couldn’t hide his anger and frustration when Faking News asked for his comments, “I thought I would become a taxi driver and earn much more than what I can manage currently. But now I don’t even have my rickshaw!”

Cycle rickshaw
A file photo showing the cycle rickshaw that is now gone due to faith in corruption as equalizer

Harish told that he happened to view some TV news reports on the controversial statement by sociologist Ashis Nandy at Jaipur Literature Festival, where intellectuals were arguing that corruption was an equalizer that helped marginalized communities gain similar resources as the privileged ones.

Finding those “experts” well meaning, Harish decided to execute his five year old pan to become a taxi driver by taking help of corruption. He planned bribe officials to get a driving license and a permit to run a taxi, and to join one of those travel agencies run by his own caste men from Uttar Pradesh.

“Help from my own caste to earn more through corruption – it was the perfect way to create new opportunities and benefit from the system according to those intellectuals,” Harish said.

Convinced that he had the foolproof plan, Harish immediately sold off his cycle rickshaw to his best friend Akhilesh, a daily-wage laborer, and got the cash to be used for bribery.

“I gave those rupees to an agent who promised to get me the driving license, but now I can’t find him!” Harish revealed how his plan backfired within 24 hours, “This agent was introduced by those travel agency folks, who are now refusing to take any blame for his vanishing act.”

With his own caste men not ready to help and bribe money looted by another act of corruption, Harish Chandra is now totally unsure of this “corruption as equalizer” theory.

Ghanta equalizer! It has proved to be an eraser for me; erased the only source of income I had,” he claimed.

But intellectuals insist that “corruption as equalizer” theory works.

“See, at least Akhilesh, a daily-wage worker got a rickshaw for himself and moved higher up the social order,” a sociologist pointed out, “And maybe this agent belonged to a different caste, most probably higher caste, so he covered his own corruption by vanishing.”

Harish threatened to beat the crap out of us when we went back to him for his comments on the above explanation.