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Nation promises to care about Olympic sports again in 2020

22, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: After successfully feigning interest in sports that are part of Olympics for an unbelievable stretch of 17 days, Indians have promised that they will do so again in 4 years time for Tokyo Olympics.

Tokyo 2020
Tokyo 2020- We will care again!

Rio Olympics ended early on Monday as per Indian time and India ended their campaign with 2 medals that were widely cheered across the country.

PV Sindhu who was largely anonymous and Sakshi Malik, who was completely anonymous, have become household names after winning medals in Rio. The nation has promised to make more such anonymous names their heroes once they win medals for the country in Tokyo.

“That gymnast girl Deepika was also good, she’s the hero!” a sports enthusiast from Greater Kailash told Faking News, “Or was it Dipa?”

Citizens also praised BCCI and cricketers for scheduling and playing a boring test match series against West Indies, which helped them focus on Olympics. Stupid people from Pakistan who trolled India for not winning any Olympic medals were also praised for their contribution to keep the Olympics interest high throughout the long tournament.

When asked why can’t they care about other sports during these four years before Tokyo Olympics, citizens blamed the government for not caring enough.

“I mean look at IPL. It keeps interest in cricket for two months every year. Why can’t the government have something like that?” one sports enthusiast argued. When told that IPL was not a government event, he said, “Whatever.”

Some others blamed the sports for being too confusing. “I kept cheering for our wrestlers and boxers for their moves but in reality they were being given low points. What nonsense is this? Add to that things like repechage. 12 saal me to ye repechage hi na samajh aaya hamare, kaise interest banega?”

Meanwhile, sports broadcasters have also promised that they will return to covering Olympic sports once Tokyo games start. “Actually we try to avoid any coverage of Olympic sports during the 4 years to build up fan excitement for the Olympics proper but some sports are unavoidable, because they have formed ‘leagues’. As you know, it is a rule to broadcast every league live.”