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Riot Police deployed next to wine shops to deal with the crowd expected after Navratri

07, Oct 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Ministry of Home Affairs has deployed riot police next to all the wine shops in the national capital ahead of the end of Navratri. The festival during which even the most avid drinker turns sober for 9 days, is coming to an end today and the alcohol enthusiasts are itching to rush to their nearest wine shop for their favorite poison.

Some sensitive zones with high concentration of Punjabis have also been identified to extend extra resources there to deal with the crowd. Tear gas and water cannons have been distributed across the city to control the huge crowd in case they turn violent.

Speaking to Faking News, a Home Ministry spokesperson said, “Several wine shop owners met us over the past few days and expressed concern over the huge crowds likely to descend upon their establishments after the end of Navratris. We advised them to just take it as any regular business day but then they offered us some of the best Scotch in the market so we had to take their concerns seriously. We have made adequate arrangements to deal with all drunkards and anyone misbehaving will see his whiskey being taken away and consumed by the policeman on duty there.”

“There was some talk about security at the Chicken selling joints as well but due to limited sources, we couldn’t cover them as all the reserve forces are deployed outside Onion selling shops. We deploy 100% of our police forces during festive period so that they can have a Happy Diwali after collecting bribes during this period”, he added.

Meanwhile, Delhi Traffic Police has warned the drivers that drunk driving will be strictly penalized with bribes rising to as much as 2000 rupees if someone gets caught.