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Road contractors concerned about the lack of rain in Mumbai

10, Jul 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Road contractors in India’s financial capital are very worried these days and the reason behind this is the shortage in rainfall so far this year. Even though monsoon arrived in the city last month, we haven’t yet seen heavy downpours flooding the roads and that has put the future road contracts in jeopardy.

No help from Monsoon in creating more such potholes

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a veteran contractor said ,”How will the existing roads gets damaged if they don’t become water-logged? If these roads don’t get damaged then how will there be new tenders for roads? If there won’t be new tenders then from where will we make money? Monsoon has really let us down so far and is threatening our future earnings.”

“Every morning I pray for a heavy shower and all we get is 5 minutes of drizzle. Aise tootegi sadak? I used good quality material to make sure that the roads get damaged only after a heavy shower, maybe I should have made a road that disintegrates after a drizzle. My honesty and integrity are hurting me now. Use of all that high quality material is coming back to hurt me”, he went on to add.

Several other contractors have raised similar concerns and there are plans to hold a prayer to the weather Gods praying for heavy downpours over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, BMC has told the contractors that they have nothing to worry about. If the roads don’t get damaged during the monsoon then BMC will ask them to dig up the roads and then fix them over one excuse or the other.