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Robert Vadra attends Rahul's Gandhi's 39th birthday day party, presents him 39 acres of land as birthday gift

19, Jun 2019 By @jurnoleast

Rahul Gandhi turned 39 years today and seen in attendance at his birthday party were friend and party workers along with family members. Robert Vadra too was present at the event and was seen carrying a piece of land as gift for the Congress President.

Sources say that Robert arrived at the venue in a JCB Earth Mover carrying a small piece of land wrapped in gift wrapping paper. Media persons stationed outside Rahul’s party venue initially thought the the machine was brought to dig up a trench where Congress workers could hide after election drubbing.

However things became clear after they saw Robert at the wheel. “The party was just about to start as most of the guests had arrived. That’s when heard a loud roar that sounded like some huge machine. We looked in the direction of the sound and saw a JCB earth mover coming toward us. The machine was carrying chunk of land that was dumped outside Rahul Gandhi’s house,” revealed a reporter from AAK Tak.

While speaking exclusively to Faking News Robert said, “I couldn’t think of a better gift for him. IT is a very good piece of land that I ‘purchased’ a few weeks back. I hope Rahul puts it to some good use.”

Congress party insiders say that though Rahul was happy with the gift, he was a bit concerned with the authorities hounding him with details of the land. Rahul’s close group of advisers even asked him to politely decline the gift. Members of the group felt that the 39 acres of gift could be part of Vadra’s land grab scam and he(Robert) was just dumping his liability on Rahul’s head.