Robert Vadra demands dumbbells at ED office, says long hours of questioning affecting his gym routine 

22, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast

Farmer and businessman Robert Vadra, who is currently being questioned for his alleged involvement in money laundering, has demanded that he be provided with dumbbells at the Enforcement Directorate office.

Robert Vadra in gym

Vadra skipped the questioning a few days back due to loose motion. His stomach problem however was not due to something he ate. Sources say that Vadra’s gym schedule was in a mess due to the questioning and that led to his loose motions.

While speaking to Faking News Robert said, “I am very particular about my fitness and my style of dressing. Any deviation from my routine and I immediately get loose motions. So I have requested the ED officials to at least provide me with a set of dumbbells.”

Vadra is also keen on teaching ED officials a few exercises to help them shed some weight. “I am ready to help them get back in shape. Some of them have protruding bellies. Just a few exercises and all of them can have a physique like me,” he added while pulling up his undershirt to reveal his six packs.

On earlier occasion, the businessman dressed in a suit, commented on how ED officials lacked style.

It is not yet clear if his wife and new political entrant would accompany him in weight training at the ED office. Congress officials reveal that it is highly likely that she might lift the dumbbells for the camera, but a full workout routine is out of question.

A spokesperson for the Enforcement Directorate denied any knowledge of any such request from Robert Vadra. “Let me be clear, the loose motion that Mr. Vadra is talking about is a direct consequence of the grilling that he went through at our office. In fact even during the questioning, he visited the washroom several times. As for the dumbbells, he is welcome to do push-ups but we wont be providing him with weights,” said the spokesperson.