Robert Vadra produces documents for Ganga ownership, says he got it for being ‘Ganga ka Jamai’

19, Mar 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Property enthusiast Robert Vadra may actually be the true owner of the river Ganga. This sensational claim was made by the man himself earlier today when he produced documents confirming the same. Mr Vadra said that being the son-in-law Of Ganga, he had the right to the river. Earlier yesterday, some newspapers had called Priyanka Gandhi Vadra ‘Ganga ki beti’, giving the idea to Mr Vadra.

robert_vadraSpeaking to the media at the press conference where he displayed the papers, Mr Vadra said, ”Since my wife is the daughter of Ganga, she has the right over Ganga and as her husband, I have the right over her property. Thanks to the media reports which informed me about this property of mine that was lying unclaimed. Immediately after reading the reports, I got the documents prepared for the same from my old contacts.”

“I always dreamed about owning a water body since I already have plenty of property on the land. I thought about Indian Ocean during the previous government but it was too difficult to get the boundaries marked and apparently there is something called international waters as well so I couldn’t get that but now I have a legitimate claim over Ganga through my wife and I can own it. Next step is to own something in Space and I am already checking with NASA about the process to own some part of the Universe”, Mr Vadra added.

When asked if the government will accept his claim, he said ,”Government can go to Courts and fight this property case. Just like any other property case, it will continue forever.”