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Robot inducted by Chennai traffic dept found accepting bribes, sent back to workshop for reprogramming

18, Jan 2019 By @jurnoleast

The Chennai Traffic Dept’s plan to project itself as tech savvy went for a toss when the Robot which it had inducted in it’s fleet was found accepting bribes from motorists.


The Robot was inducted just last week and designed in a way that it would observe and pick up information from on-duty traffic cops to perform tasks that would provide assistance for managing traffic in the city.

But apparently the robot picked up traits that left the traffic department red faced. Sources say that at the end of the day when the robot was brought back to the workshop, many 50 and 100 rupee notes were found on the robot. CCTV footage revealed motorists found violating traffic rules handing over a 100 rupee note to let them through.

A senior official from the department tried his best to downplay the incident and termed it as a minor technical glitch. But sources reveal that there is a high possibility that the source code has been tampered with and this would require reprogramming.

SysCop, the IT company which was given the contract for software and maintenance of the robots washed its hand off the entire fiasco and said that the AI if the robot is such that it can write its own code. “The robot probably observed a few traffic cops on duty and reprogrammed itself to match their behavior. This problem will keep cropping till cops on duty don’t give up accepting bribes,” pointed a Senior Programmer for the company.