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Robot manufacturing company sets up plant in Kota; coaching classes in the region upset over increased competition

08, Jul 2017 By itsmihir1993

Owners of leading coaching classes in Kota staged a massive protest yesterday after a robot manufacturing company inaugurated its new plant in the region last week. The coaching classes, which have established their monopoly to manufacture the best robots in the nation, seemed upset over the increased competition in the region.


Speaking to the media, a coaching class owner said, “For many years now, we have successfully managed to create the best robots that can serve in the field of medicine and engineering. However, by allowing the new company to set up a plant in Kota, the government has scared us of our survival the exact way we scare our students every day.”

The protests saw a few parents participating along with the coaching class owners and supporting them. One of them told our reporter, “The new plant stops manufacturing for an entire period of two hours every night. If we send our children there, their two hours out of 24 will go waste. We can’t afford to give our children a rest for two hours every day.”

Boasting of the known fact that coaching classes in Kota have managed to make robots that can work for days without eating, a tutor told our reporter, “We make our students study so much that they hardly have the time to eat. That’s how you become the best coaching institute in the country – you have to make students give up on luxurious things like food, water, health, breath, life, etc.”

There is an alarming rise in the number of students succumbing to increasing academic pressure in Kota and committing suicide. We asked a coaching class owner on how his class will get rid of this jinx and manage to compete with the new plant. “Just like their defective robots are scrapped by the supervisors, our weak students commit suicide by themselves. Now tell me, whose robots are smarter?” he smirked.