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Rose prices in Modi era 20% higher than Congress time: Rahul addressing youth on Valentines Day

14, Feb 2019 By dasu

Ahead of 2019 general elections, Rahul Gandhi wants to address the concerns of every section of society. While attending a symposium on Robotics inside IIT Delhi, he asked students, “Kya aap ko pata hai. Jo Gulab ka phool Manmohan Singh Ji’s time used to be sold at 20 rupees is sold at 25 rupees today”.


Showing two roses, dried and laminated one of 2009 and a fresh one of 2019 with price written on top of them, Rahul said, “Modi talks about savings he did on Rafale deal, but he does not know our youth need free Netflix, Shasta Gulab, round the year Game of Thrones”.

“Let me announce it here, once we come to power, every youth of this country will get 1000 rupees on Valentine’s Day. It is up to them how they want to spend it. If you want to gift each other rose fine, you want to use rose petals in your bathtub like I am doing fine”.

That time Randeep Surjewala murmured in his ears,”Rahul Ji, please do not commit we will give bath tubs to everyone, that will be more than our defense budget”.

Reacting to Rahul Gandhi’s speech, BJP has demanded let there be CAG audit on this. However, Congress has rejected it.

“CAG Rajiv Mehrishi was a mechanical student. Unko kaisse pata rahega ki Gulab ka kya value hai“, said Kapil Sibal while reacting to BJP’s demand for CAG. “Let Salman Khan who is still buying Rose bookay for himself as well as his brothers comment on it”, told Mr. Sibal.

Meanwhile after CAG report on Rafale deal was tabled, Rahul Gandhi is heading to France to address Dassault employees, “Please see yourself, how PM Modi has cheated you by paying less than what we were ready to pay. You should stop manufacturing till PM Modi gives you right price”.