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Rotis here are so hard, we often use them as flying discs says Hostel student

15, Mar 2018 By dasu

New Delhi: Sanjay, a third-year student staying in Aravali Hostel of IIT Delhi loves the multi-purpose rotis served at his hostel mess.

“The tandoor rotis served here are nicely hardened through some special treatment I think. The crispness lasts for almost a day. We eat them and sometimes if we are bored we play by using them as flying discs,” said Sanjay while dropping the flying roti coming in our way.

“Another interesting aspect of our hostel roti is, no one needs to go near mess counter to collect them. It will be thrown over the air by mess supervisor towards you. One has to be good enough to catch it. Thoda practice ka baat anyone can catch the flying rotis,” said Sanjay.

“The reason my colleagues were laughing at me today because I am in third year and still I missed to catch one. There are first year students who catch it blind folded,” said Sanjay on the embarrassing situation he faced at the dinner table tonight.

While talking to us, the mess supervisor, Mr. Pradeep Jha said, “Lot of innovation has gone in preparing the dishes we serve here. Look at the dal, it’s so consistent, I have provided taps on every table. So, you just need to open the tap and take as much dal you want. It has reduced the work load for my staff considerably. Next, we are trying to open a non-veg tap on top of every table. We do not serve chicken pieces on chicken gravy, it’s all mixed inside the gravy. We are experimenting to finding the right consistency for the chicken curry gravy to travel at most 20 meters.”

However, students like Sanjay are not entirely happy with all the food items.

“Papad’s served here are so soft, they can’t fly. We have to walk up to the counter to collect them. It’s waste of our energy and time”, said Sanjay.