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Royal Enfield buyers will have to take the bike to Ladakh at least once or it will be confiscated says the bike manufacturer

13, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

New Royal Enfield buyers take note. The company today revised it’s terms and conditions and made it mandatory for buyers to drive the bike to Ladakh at least once or face confiscation.


The new TnC were introduced after it was found that a significant number of bikes were bought so that pictures could be uploaded on social media with the caption ‘wanderlust’.

Research findings too corroborate that most bike purchase decisions are influenced by social media than the pleasure of riding a bike. Royal Enfield is not exempted. Around 60% of owners ‘pretend’ that they went on a roadtrip when all they do is drive the bike to nearest petrol pump.

The company is also hoping to sell their bikes only to loyal and serious bikers. “Those who wish to own an Enfield will first have to place the bike on the main stand and show that they are capable of handling the bike,” said a local dealer.

With the mandatory Ladakh roadtrip the company hopes to bolster the brand image which had taken a hit due to the social media crazy millenials.

As per the terms and conditions, Royal Enfield owners will have to undertake the Ladakh roadtrip within 3 months of purchase or after first 1000kms.

A company spokesperson said, “The bikes are not made to sit in the parking lot. Drive them through the treacherous routes leading to the misty mountains of Ladakh to realize their full potential.”

It’s not just the manufacturer who is concerned. Sources say that the bikes too are not too happy with owners who do not undertake the Ladakh trip.

A few weeks back a man from Delhi filed a theft complaint after his Enfield went missing. It was later found that the bike was fed up of the owner and had embarked on a Ladakh tirp by itself.