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S M Krishna gives Valentine’s Day card to Hillary Clinton by mistake

14, Feb 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New York, USA. After reading Portuguese minister’s speech by mistake in the UN, Foreign Minister S M Krishna has now given a Valentine’s Day card to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mistakenly. Krishna was meeting Clinton to discuss the Tri-Valley University issue among others when the faux pas happened. While Hillary Clinton refused to comment over the development, Krishna said that there was “nothing wrong” in whatever happened.

“There were a lot of cards spread in front of me and the envelopes of all the cards looked the same,” a clarification later issued by the Indian Foreign Minister explained why the goof-up happened in the first place, “We had decided to present Incredible India cards to various dignitaries we were meeting.”

Krishna with Hillary
S M Krishna with Hillary Clinton on a state visit

But camera shots clearly show that the envelope that was held by Mr. Krishna was pink in color with some floral patterns drawn on it. Officials declined to comment if pink was the default and official color for envelops used by the Indian Foreign Ministry for international communications.

Sources suggest that the mistake was spotted only when a senior IAS officer saw some US envoys trying to control their laughter when Mr. Krishna brought out a big girly pink envelope. Hillary Clinton, somewhat amused, appeared poised to accept the card before an Indian official intervened and stopped Mr. Krishna from going ahead.

“Mr. Krishna might have been radio-tagged and his movements would have been tracked to see if he tried to get near Mrs. Clinton again,” an Indian envoy in the US warned of the consequences had Mr. Krishna been not stopped from giving the card to Clinton.

Meanwhile BJP has come down heavily on Krishna for having erred again and termed his antics as “cheap”. The party has claimed that the Indian Foreign Minister had brought disrepute to the country by acting like the Pakistani President, who had tried to flirt with Sarah Palin some two years back.

“Even if he was not flirting, why was he carrying a goddamn pink envelope?” asked BJP spokesman Ravi Shankar Prasad, who claimed that India has become a “soft state” because of UPA government’s policy of using pink as the official color for diplomatic communications.