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Saas Bahu fight as Bahu says area near her parent’s house has better jam than in-laws place

08, May 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Kavitha and her mother in law had a heated exchange after Kavitha claimed area near his parent’s house close to Silk Board has better traffic jams than what she is witnessing in her in-law’s place in Whitefield.


While speaking to one of her colleagues at office Kavitha said, “We were going towards Marathahalli to attend one marriage. At Kundalahalli junction my mother in law told see what a lovely traffic jam, full two hours we can sleep in the cab. I told her, mommy, yeh toh kuch bhi nahin hai, the new place near Silk Board where my parents have shifted recently has much longer jams, one can sleep inside cab for a week”

“Bas itna baat mein woh puri bigad gayee. She started saying how I talk with lot of glory everything I had at my parents place, undermine everything whatever we in-laws give you”, Kavitha told her colleague.

Kavitha did not argue with her mother in law as her husband Varun stayed at home to IPL match. “Otherwise she would have called him to complain about my behavior. Playoff match tha, almost after a month remote was in Varun’s control, I thought let him enjoy. I agreed with mom, Kundalahalli jam has gone far ahead of Silk Board”.

Kavitha’s colleague told her, “Your mother in law is better, my mother in law checks my roti’s radius from all corners using a compass. Thoda upar neeche raha toh bolti hai, yeh sikhaya tha teri mummy ne tujhe”.

Kavitha and her office colleague’s discussion was halted when office boy asked, “Madam, already 8 o’clock. Agar aur jyada baat hai toh dinner order kar doo”.