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Saas-Bahu found beating each other with Finolex wire, husband files case against company

02, Feb 2016 By @jurnoleast

Delhi: A Delhi based business man filed  a case against wire making company Finolex after his wife and mother were found beating each other, a stark contrast to what is shown in TV commercial of the brand.

If only marital problems could be solved as easily as shown in the ad
If only marital problems could be solved as easily as shown in the ad

Ankit Arora, who filed the case at a local police station, spoke to Faking News reporter and said, “This is not the first time I had problems with my wife and mother fighting with each other. In fact the problem started with day 1 of my marriage. From extra salt in the dal to the diameter of the roti, these two were never short of excuses to start a fight.”

“Then I saw this ad on TV, where saas-bahu are shown to reconcile over buying Finolex wires for their homes. I thought I could something similar and get my wife and mother to stop fighting. I was just desperate that they agree on one thing atleast,” he said with a sullen look.

He further continued and said how his plan failed miserably. “I proposed changing the entire wiring of my house and got my mother and wife to discuss about it, hoping that they would agree on getting Finolex wires. However, as soon I kept the bundle of wire in front of them, both started beating each other with the wires. It’s only after other family members intervened that the fight was brought under control. The way they were trashing each other reminded me of Delhi Police video that went viral a few days back,” said Ankit, showing some bruises which he suffered when he got whipped in the process.

Ankit blames the wire company for ‘misleading’ him and giving him false hopes of resolving his marital woes. “I spent money to buy the wires. I want it back. Besides, all my hopes of having a happy married life are down the drain now. The company must compensate me for this,” he said.

Meanwhile, the company has clarified saying that it should not be held responsible and the ads were not meant to be an inspiration for solving marital problems. “Ekta Kapoor serials have done more damage than our wires. Why isn’t anyone suing her?” questioned a source from the company.