Saturday, 28th March, 2020


Sachin Tendulkar thinking of coming out of retirement after Trump mentions his name in speech at Motera 

24, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar is mulling coming out of retirement after hearing his name mentioned by Trump in the speech at Ahmadabad. However the decision to get back to playing cricket was not because the speech motivated him to do so, but there was a different reason altogether.


While speaking to Faking News, Sachin pointed out how he was not happy with someone else getting the credit of all his hard work. “President Trump mentioned the name of someone called ‘Soochinn’ as the cricketing legend. Who is this guy and are his achievements bigger than mine. I kaise ho sakta hai ki mere se bada koi cricketing legend ho. I want to get back to cricket once again and prove to he US President that I am the real Sachin and this Soochinn guy is some impostor,” he said in an assertive tone.

The cricketer is also not happy with the Govt officials for not briefing the US President on facts before making the speech. “Did someone not proof read the speech. Someone takes credit for my hard work. Ye nahi ho sakta ,” he added.

Sources say that Sachin may start playing competitive cricket once again very soon and an official announcement could be made as early as next week. A cricketer has already written a letter to the BCCI expressing his intentions.

Meanwhile, many Virat Kohli’s fans were not too please with the news of return of the master blaster. “This is just an excuse by Sachin. He is worried that Virat may surpass his record. I mean how selfish can one be,” remarked a die-hard fan of Kohli.