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Sachin took more time to reach 100 from 90 than the time he has spent in Rajya Sabha

04, Aug 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: The amount of time Sachin has spent on the floor of Rajya Sabha is far less than the amount of time he used to spend at the crease to move from 90 to 100 while batting.


However, Sachin has a chance to beat his own record which he did so many times during his career. As per Rajya Sabha secretary Mr. Somsekhar K. Sheriff, “Till now he has attended 23 of the 348 days of Rajya Sabha session. If he attends all the remaining sessions till his membership ends, he can go over his own ’90-100 scoring zone’ record”.

“It’s not like Sachin does not like attending parliament. Sometimes last minute family vacation plan happens. Roger Federer has kind of resurrected his career, Wimbledon organizers call him to see his high-profile matches. Then the amount of time he had to spend for marketing of his own biopic to inspire us. Whatever little time is available, that is spent in meeting probable candidates before select Indian cricket team coach”, said Abhijith BM, one of the hardcore Sachin Tendulkar fan who has seen little bit of Kohli batting only when he batted alongside Sachin during his initial days.

In the meantime, Sachin has done his homework and he has prepared a list of things he has not done inside Rajya Sabha till now. “He has asked few questions, but he has never participated in a debate. He will do that soon. He will try to do ‘howling and shouting’ like our MPs normally do and he has plans to go repeatedly near Rajya Sabha Chairman to show his displeasure”, said a close friend of Sachin who has seen him watching hours of Rajya Sabha footage from YouTube.

Like every Sachin Tendulkar fan, Abhijith is worried Virat Kohli will break Sachin’s record in Rajya Sabha if gets an opportunity. “I doubt Sachin will tear paper and throw at Chairman, but Kohli can do this easily and much more”, said Abhijith who is confident Kohli’s most words will be ‘expunged’ anyway for the kind of language he speaks.