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Salaried employees in India ask for minority status: Special Report

17, Feb 2018 By AdityaSachan

With Budget 2018, yet another time salaried employees feel cheated and unheard by the government. Since total salaried employees who pay taxes in India is less than 1.6%. Many are beginning to feel the heat of being from ‘true minority’ and they have lot to say.

‘Yes it is true, while my illiterate cousin in village makes 30 lakhs profit from farming and drives SUV. I earn 6 lakhs in year only to pay taxes. We feel we are more rare than tigers in India. With only 1.6% we are minority who has only right to pay taxes,’ says angry Sasta Ghulaam, who hit the fame recently after showing his salary slip to autorikshaw driver for a free ride. And many took his unique idea without even thanking him.

‘I was calculating my net savings only to get astonishing numbers. Let us say I have CTC of 100 rupees. I get gross salary of 80 rupees ( assuming my manager, my HR and company loves me). After tax deductions I get 70 rupees. Then I pay other taxes on whatever I need to buy. Finally I am left with not more than 5-10 rupees! Isn’t this amazing! Scientists from ISRO confirmed that salary of employee decays faster than most radioactive elements on earth,’ said another software engineer.

‘This is annoying. Now stupid employees come to me asking for more raise and putting cess hike to 4% as reason for appraisal. I am thinking to take this matter to government and ask them to take employees salary directly into their accounts and give them money for their needs. At least in this manner, employees will not complain for taxes,’ said HR Policywala.

‘Many salaried employees are forming whatsapp groups and have started sharing their tax deductions and difference between gross and net salary in morning. This is frightening. And very depressing. If every state and every community can ask of minority status, why can’t we get it too? After all we are minority of only 1.6% population. The government forgets us, the politicians don’t care about us. Bachelors remain bachelors till eternity. Where is #myachedin ?’ says angry manager who recently got hike.

In midst of all this, we did notice something unusual. A young software engineer remained calm and smiling. On confronting, he explained the secret of his happiness.

‘I work in Dinosys. It has been 2 years and my salary is still below tax bracket. My manager calmed me, and told he will increase my salary as the tax bracket increases. Till then he will not burden me for paying taxes. He truly loves me you know,’ said software engineer as he left to sit on his bench.