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Sale of baseball bats at an all time low in Delhi due to recession in automobile sector

21, Aug 2019 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. Slumping sales of cars and motorcycles are triggering massive job cuts in the auto sector, with many companies forced to shut down factories for days and axe shifts, multiple sources said. The low sales volume of cars in the national capital has lead to very low sales of baseball bats which people buy to keep in their cars in Delhi.

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The baseball bat making industry has appealed to the government to do something for the automobile sector as the sector gives employment to the bat manufacturers. Every car in Delhi has 2-3 hockey sticks for safety purpose as the chances of road rage is pretty high when you drive on the roads of Delhi.

Government is not so confident of the automobile sector but has assured the baseball industry that they will at least buy some sticks for the baseball teams and other sports academies. But the point which the manufacturers are making that baseball bats used by players is just 5 % of the market in India as rest 95% comes from people keeping the bats in their car.

The only way the government can deal with the issue is by making Baseball compulsory for all students in schools and colleges so that they come out and buy more baseball bats.