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Sales of candles fail to pick up as millennials use smartphone torch for peaceful candle light protest 

19, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

Unlike anti corruption protests several years back where candle sellers made a windfall, protests this time around saw lesser demand for candles as millennials used smartphones for protests.

background -  audience with flashlights of the smartphone at a rock concert

Sources say that the trend could spell doom for the candle industry as candlelight march is one of the main sources of revenue for the industry. The industry body has blamed millennials for the changing trend.

“This could well be the end of the humble candle stick as we know. A few years back candle boxes use to just fly off the shelves. Just a protest call from the usual suspects and we were out of stock in no time,” a shopkeeper reminisced.

“But who buys candles these days, they all use smartphone torch. We could be out of business if this continues,” he added.

The industry body is now planning to meet Finance Minister, who in earlier statement said that the millnennials preference for Ola and Uber is affecting auto sector.

Representatives from the body hope that FM’s beef with millennials could be used to put curbs on smartphone torch and give a boost to candle industry.

Though some were not as optimistic. “We are not going to see anymore these candles. They will be seen and heard only in Elton John’s songs,” remarked a noted industry expert while making a reference to Candle in the Wind.