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Sales of hair removing creams and razors see an expected spike on Valentines Day 

14, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast

A report by an independent agency revealed startling facts regarding sales figures on Valentines Day. Contrary to perception, sales of roses were trumped by hair removing creams this year.

The report attributes this sudden spike in sales to Valentines Day when couples tend to practice extra hygiene by getting rid of unwanted hair from different areas of the body.

A pie-chart in the report reveals that of the total body hair that is removed, a whopping 85% was contributed by pubic hair with arm-pit closely following it.

The report also shed light on the sales per city with Delhi topping the list among all four metros. CM Arvind Kejriwal who tweeted congratulations to the people of Delhi for topping a list, later deleted his tweet after finding out that it was about hair removing cream.

Online retailer Flipkart attested to the findings and in said that the sales of ‘hygiene products’ usually witnesses a spike in Valentines week. “It’s not teddy bear or chocolates or bouquets that give give us business in this week. Our fastest selling products are usually ‘hair removing creams’. We usually have excess inventory keeping the demand in mind,” said the Head of Operations at Flipkart.

Rival Amazon too had a similar story to tell. Veet, a popular brand of hair remover was out-of-stock for a week, leaving online buyers at the mercy of the neighborhood chemist shop.

Ruling party was quick to take credit for the findings of the report and said that this was part of the the PMs Swachta Yojana. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness and it is good to hear that people are giving importance to hygiene. All credit goes to Modiji,” said a spokesperson.

Meanwhile in related news, taking cognizance of the report findings Delhi Municipal Corporation is bracing itself for clogged drains.