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Salesman who came to give a demo of toilet cleaner taken hostage by housewife, forces him to do last minute house cleaning for Diwali too

16, Oct 2017 By @jurnoleast

Cops rescued a salesman who was taken hostage by a housewife and forced to do Diwali cleaning in Vasant Vihar locality of Delhi today. The salesman had come visiting to give a demo of a popular brand of toilet cleaner.

But the housewife had some other plans and probably used the extra pair of hands to get all the festival cleaning done.

The salesman’s ordeal ended after the cops arrived after almost 2 hours. Most of the cleaning was done by this time.

Neighbors say that they heard the salesman cry for freedom from the window and decided to call the cops. Retired army man Kuldeep Singh who lives next door spoke to our reporter and said, “I saw a 20 something guy with a broom in his hand trying to clean the window while a lady behind him was giving him instructions. The look on his face told me that something was wrong. I have served in the army for 25 years and can spot a hostage situation even with my eyes closed.”

“I immediately called the cops and rescued the poor fellow,” he added while recounting his similar heroics in 1971 war.

In her defence the housewife said that all she wanted was some help as the cleaning was turning out to be too much for her. “I thought if he can do a good job with the toilet, he can definitely clean the house too,” she said nonchalantly.

Cops are interrogating the salesman who seemed rattled with the entire incident but has not lodged any case against the woman.

When questioned as to what took the cops so long to respond, a senior police official said, “These calls are usual during Diwali. Mostly from husbands who want to give house cleaning a skip. But I think now we’ll have to be on our toes.”