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Salesman storms into toilet to give toilet cleaner demo, runs after seeing man seated on commode

27, Oct 2017 By itsmihir1993

The advertisement of toilet cleaner Harpic is one of the popular advertisements aired on Indian television. It shows actor Hussain playing a salesman and entering the toilet to show the demo of the toilet cleaner and impressing the family. In an attempt to recreate the scene and sell the toilet cleaner, a salesman stormed into the toilet in an apartment in Mumbai, only to discover a man already seated on the commode and taking a dump.

It was early morning when the salesman decided to trespass Shubham Mehta’s house. The embarrassed salesman, after seeing Mehta abuse him black and blue for entering the toilet without permission, ran away from the house at top speed. Mehta ran after the salesman, naked, to catch hold of him and hand him over to the police for trespassing over the property but failed. He also divorced his wife for allowing the salesman to enter the toilet while he was relieving himself.

It was found that the salesman had a sales target to achieve before Diwali and in an attempt to do so, he barged into several toilets on the day. “It worked for me until I entered this particular house. I had sold 10 toilet cleaners in just an hour’s time until I entered Mr Mehta’s house. I had to immediately abort the mission after he ran after me, naked,” said the distressed salesman.

The salesman, while attempting to escape a naked Mehta, accidentally broke Usain Bolt’s record of being the fastest man alive on the planet. Claiming to have witnessed “the most disgusting sight ever”, he also left the job after the incident. “I will try my luck in Olympics. Mr. Mehta might be hating me at the moment but I will make him proud by bringing India an Oylmpic gold,” he said.

Mehta, on the other hand, was arrested by Mumbai Police for public exhibition of nudity since he ran naked after the salesman.