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Salman Khan has done more to provide employment to newcomers and out-of-work actors than Govt has done for common man: Congress 

21, Sep 2018 By @jurnoleast

Congress party today raised is pitch again the ruling BJP by criticizing PM Modi for failure to tackle rising unemployment in the country.


Party President raised pointed questioned and even went to the extent of saying that Bollywood actor Salman Khan had done more for new comers and out of work actors than Govt has done for common man.

Rahul also said that most employment schemes of the Govt were utter failures while simultaneously praising Salman’s Big Boss Rozgaar Yojana. “Sarkar ne yuvaon ko sapne dikhaye, woh sab khokhle nikle. Chaar saalon me rozgaar ka ‘ro’ bhi nahi ukhaad paye. Isse jyada toh Salmanji ne apne Big Boss show ke zariye kiya hai. Agar Salmanji ko hi desh ka pradhan mantri bana dete to shayad acha hota,” he said.

The Congress President quoted figures from an independent research to validate his claims, while leaving no opportunity in blaming the Govt for ruining the economy.

Our reporter tried reaching to the Bollywood actor for his comments but the actor was busy with the shooting of the aforementioned reality show. His brother Arbaaz however were available for comment and said, “Baat toh sach hai. Ab mujhe aur Sohail ko hi le lo. Salman is our livelihood. More so for Sohail because main toh betting se bhi kama leta tha.”

Reacting to Rahul’s statement, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra hit back and said that Big Boss is a contest and not employment. “When you spend 3 months in the house doing all kinds of menial tasks and finally only one person gets paid the winning amount, how is that employment, ” he questioned.

“And speaking of employment, can someone please ask Rahulji to employ some better speech writers,” he added.