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Salon announces employee of the year award for a stylist who recommended hair colour for a bald customer

09, Jan 2017 By RT

Mumbai: A Salon in Navi Mumbai has announced employee of the year award for the recently concluded year 2016. Almost all the stylists were in competition to win the award; however, the award went to one specific stylist for his unique selling skills. Employee of the year went to Mr. Javed who recommended hair colour to a bald customer, it was learnt by Faking News.

Bald guy
Salons now pitching hair colour for even such heads

“Our employees are trained to suggest as many services as possible to hapless customers who visit us just for a haircut. We have something called a 3 minutes rule. Every 3 minutes into the haircut, the stylist is supposed to suggest a new service to the customer. Hair color, Facial, Clean up, manicure and pedicure. Customers are also encouraged to take full body massage, to relax after a tiring haircut”, the owner explained the service offerings.

“This year, there was tough competition in picking the employee of the year. There was one girl who suggested to a customer hair spa, oil massage and another hair spa to make her oily hair look normal. A boy recommended bridal makeup for a bride’s grandmother and partly succeeded in making her look like the bride. However, this guy was exceptionally talented”, she talked about the other competitors for the coveted title.

“When we came to know about the stylist who sold hair color to a bald customer, initially we laughed it off as a joke. However, he customized the offer to a colorful drawing on the bald head instead of a plain application of black color on the shiny surface. The customer, having not seen anything on top of his head for the past several years, paid him a hefty tip and we now offer him employee of the year award”, the owner concluded.

Faking news reporter left the Salon after the customary haircut for anyone who would walk into the Salon. On his way out, he noticed the warning sign:  ‘Trespassers will be beautified!’