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Sambit Patra hires a personal spokesperson after finding it difficult to reach all news debates in a single day

05, Aug 2018 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi: Sambit Patra has hit a jackpot. He is on a high because he bet on a winning horse and stuck by it even when the chips were down. Right now, he is on an upswing because it is the time for BJP to be under the sun and like how. Plus, he usually goes on shows as a participant where the other party is on a sticky wicket.

If you have noticed, he is never on a show where he has to defend an arrogant MP who misbehaved in a flight. No.

But We need to agree upon one thing, that his schedule is too hectic. He has to be present on 10-15 news debates in a day and that can surely take its toll on one’s body. As we discuss his schedule, Sambit has come up with a unique solution. The one to have a spokesperson. A spokesperson’s spokesperson, that would be the first one for India.

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The selection process for the spokesperson was pretty gruesome. There was a secret reality show doe which was not telecasted. Participants who can shout very loudly, create humor and defend the Modi government in any which way were selected out of a larger lot.

The selection panel included Arnab and Sambit. They were able to get some high pitched candidates, obviously not as loud as themselves. Sambit finally got the man he was looking for and from now onwards you may see him in some of the debates where Sambit won’t be available.

Not only that, looking at the 2019 elections, Sambit wants to create a team of 10 spokespeople as the number of debates is surely going to increase and BJP would need many more Sambits.