Monday, 6th April, 2020


Sanjay Raut exits Shiv Sena's Whatsapp group

02, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

Making his displeasure clear with party leadership, Sanjay Raut has now quit the Whatsapp group of the party.


Party insiders say the exit came without warning and while other members of the group were sharing New Year greetings, Sanjay Raut chose to leave the group.

The Saamna Editor last week did not attend the oath taking ceremony, which many believe as a sign of protest against his brother not getting a portfolio.

Many Senior Sena leaders were shocked to see the sudden exit, but none had the courage to ask him the reason.

“It seems things have not patched up between him and the party leader. But I could see it coming to be honest. He used to be very active on social media earlier. Now he doesn’t even respond to our messages,” revealed a party leader.

“He will be missed. His one liners and Good Morning messages and motivational quotes on Monday morning message were something we all looked forward to,” said another.

Sources close to the Saamna Editor however said that there was no beef with the party leadership and Mr. Raut was just taking a break from responding to the barrage of messages in his inbox.

Breaking his silence over rumors of being miffed with party leadership Sanjay Raut said,”

Got many New Year messages, from party workers and my storage space almost got full. Kitne messages bhejte hai ye log. Internet hai matalab bhejte raho. Nothing to do with Udhhavji. I have commented on many of his Instagram posts. All is well between us.”