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Santa without a pot belly spotted across many offices in the country, Congress blames it on recession

20, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

With Christmas around the corner, many offices across the country were seen gearing up for their ‘Secret Santa’ events. But many organizations across the country reported a Santa without a pot belly, a far cry from the Santa that most people adore.


After images of Secret Santa events were share across social media, netizens were quick to point out how Santa had changed over the years. The discussion quickly took a political turn after a few handle associated with Opposition parties attributed the cause of diminishing belly to Govt’s economic policies and the threat of looming recession.

While speaking to our reporter a Congress spokesperson said, “This is a disturbing trend and ruling Govt is responsible. Maybe Santa is jobless, maybe he doesn’t get to eat as much to maintain that belly. Modiji must resign.”

The aforementioned apprehension isn’t entirely unfounded. A independent report accessed by our reporter revealed that Santa waist has reduced by 50% since BJP took over.

There were also concerns if Secret Santa would be celebrated at all in organization in the coming years.

“There is an atmosphere of fear even among Santa Claus. After implementation of CAA and NRC, Santa won’t get entry into the country because he will not have any documents to show. I am asking the Govt, is this what you mean by being secular. This is not the India that we want to live in,” remarked a popular News Anchor, who is now mulling returning  his award as sign of protest.